Rockwave Group's core mission is to provide management consulting to top executives who need help or advice on how to improve the performance of their team, department, organization or company. The help and support we offer are typically related to performance improvement, business development and skills/competence development. Our services include a variety of help such as strategy design, sales, marketing, leadership and talent training programs, market entry strategy and planning, lead generation and engagement, internet/social media marketing,  website/brochures and advertising, collaboration and decision-making training, pricing, project management and similar. We focus primarily on supplying CEOs and top management with help to get critical tasks done or  fix critically important projects or problems which can help them do things better and achieve their goals.

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We do Management Consulting for companies who wants to do things better and improve there performance in different ways. Most often our customers comes to us because they know us or have had us recommended. Our typical customers are CEOs, Senior Partners and other members of a top management groups  like VPs of Sales, Marketing, Learning & Development, Operations, R&D, or Business Development. Some of our client are other consulting companies who are looking for special competences (e.g. instructional and course design, training of management consultants in Lean Six Sigma, training in Digital Collaboration etc.) to drive their own business forward or to take care of a problematic or high profile assignment. 

We typically work for our clients over a longer periods of time, and by developing an intimate relationship with our clients, we know their business and people so well that we also sometime take on interim or outsourcing assignments.


The company is family owned and today led by Senior Partners Annika and Nils Randrup. All projects are managed by one of the Senior Partners.We use seasoned professionals with many years of best-practice experiences to help us lead and execute our projects.  We use other experts to supply brain power or other critical resources needed. We have a large network of specialists we leverage depending on the nature of the assignment. We always create a Client Support Team around an assignment to ensure that we can tap into the best-practices needed for the delivery. We do not have the best consultants in-house, but have a network based partnership agreement with a large pool of very seasoned professionals. They have all like us left big international organizations to gain a more flexible and fun lifestyle as independent contractor or as part of a small specialized company. Our network of partners include resources like:

  • A leadership development specialist with a background as a Psychologist with a PhD from Yale, headhunter for top executive positions and trusted adviser for a list of CEOs.
  • A adjunct Professor of statistics who teach analytics and market research as well run the back end of larger research based assignment for commercial clients,
  • A communication specialist with a PR and Crisis management background from a world leading PR agency
  • A former top sales manager from Coca Cola who specialize in optimization of sales and sales organizations
  • A seasoned project and program manager with 30 year experience running large international assignments with multiple projects


It is the problem and needs that define an assignment. This can be a need for a quick and dirty solution, a need for a system that can work over time, a template, or help to make a difficult decision. We leverage best practice experiences and proven methods  to solve the problem well, and do not try to invent the wheel for every assignment. We look at each assignment individually and design an effective and practical solution together with our clients.We do not use text book solutions, but rely on proven experiences, tools, templates and industry rules of thumb.

We believe in:

  • Performance improvement. When we take on an assignment, big or small, we focus on finding ways to improve and track the performance of people, processes, market approaches and financial results.
  • Best practices. There are different ways of doing things but some are better than others. Our team of consultants have worked for some of worlds best-practice companies and have gathered insights from the leading researchers and academics on the cutting edge. We store, share and use these insights in all our assignments to help improve the performance of our clients.
  • Value for money. Best-practice solutions should  NOT be out of reach for ambitious organizations and executives, because they are delivered by expensive and large wealthy consulting companies with high salaries and high street offices. All our people have worked for larger well off companies, but have decided and prefer to work in a much smaller setup or for themselves doing what they love. We have therefore on purpose build a small lean operation where most of our people work out of a small office or their home office which keeps the overheads low and the commute to a minimum. We are family owned and do not take our large dividends, and so we do not have the ever-increasing need for higher profits like others do. So we keep our costs very low and so we can deliver our services at a significantly lower price-point than our larger competitors in the industry, even though we do the same work.
  • Small teams of highly experienced people. Larger teams takes longer time and cost more money to deliver what is needed, and junior or inexperienced people make more mistakes and take longer time to deliver the right solution.
  • Working very closely with our clients. If we don't things take longer time and cost more money, and the solutions made does not work as well. 
  • Knowledge transfer. Sharing knowledge and insights between key people at our clients and our consultants ensures that problems are understood correctly and solutions will work in practice and not just look good on paper. When our consultants are done helping a client, we are always on hand to offer advice and support when needed, and we often train people to do the work we do, so the client organization can take over any work we have done for them themselves and carry on.


Examples of past consulting services and projects for some of our clients include:

  • Pricing system strategy and re-design 
  • Strategy and Balanced Scorecard development
  • Executive Leadership development program
  • Lean Six Sigma / Operational Excellence program design and training
  • Business Strategy Review and optimization
  • Customer Acquisition and Market Strategy design
  • Market and Customer research
  • Market entry strategy design
  • Talent Development program
  • Key Note Speaker at International Conference

This is not a complete or exhaustive list but it gives a small flavor of a few of the assignments we have solve for our clients recently.


Through the last decades, we have continuously work on building our archive of practical insights of how to do things better, and how best to improve the performance. They come from published research in articles and books, they come from the best consulting firms and leading industry companies we have worked with and for, they come from first hand experiences with solutions that work or does not work, they come from companies we have worked with and people in our vast network, in fact they come from everywhere we can find them. Best practices are typically ways to do things, tools, templates, processes, methods, rules-of-thumb and other valuable heuristics. Once we have them,then we file and log them for future use.

To see samples from the archive, please check out "News"