We provide a variety of educational services and courses in terms of both educational design of courses for commercial providers of training; full deliveries of complete courses; programs for companies, universities and business schools; as well as key note speaker and conference engagements.

Digital Collaboration training program leveraging a variety of tools, like e-learning, rich media/Videos, sandboxing and assignments.

Digital Collaboration training program leveraging a variety of tools, like e-learning, rich media/Videos, sandboxing and assignments.


Some of our staff teach and perform research in a number of different areas such as Marketing & Sales, Strategy, Decision Making, Communication, Collaboration Engineering, Operational Excellence (Lean Six Sigma). They have taught at schools in the US (e.g. Emory, Georgia Tech, San Diego State University) and in Europe (Copenhagen Business School, AVT Business School). The educational services provided are typically Executive MBA classes, but some also teach graduate students  and Ph.D. students. We also perform research within different areas of competence and publish articles and books on a regular basis. The latest contribution is an article which was published at the worlds largest IT systems conference HICSS 49 on the subject of "Philosophy of Collaboration", and we also perform peer review for different publications and conferences like HICSS, ECIS and other. We also do instructional courses for professors and teachers ("Train the trainer") about Case Learning and Digital Collaboration, and provide assistance for professors who are challenged with developing an in-class course into a full fledged on-line or virtual course.

Here is a sample of recent MBA level courses and programs we have run recently:

  • Introduction to Decision Making (Executive Decision Making)
  • Corporate Strategy (Business Strategy, Applied Strategy Simulation)
  • Marketing (Foundations of Marketing, International Marketing, Marketing Management)
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Sales & Service Management
  • Communication
  • Operational Excellence/Lean Six Sigma
  • Capstone Projects (Strategic Change Project, Applied Research Project, Integrated Strategy Project)
  • Postmodern Marketing
Prof. Randrup and Kotler co-teaching a Marketing Class at AVT Business School 

Prof. Randrup and Kotler co-teaching a Marketing Class at AVT Business School 


The core training services provided centers around leadership and talent development as well as training in collaboration and sales. We have performed commercial training engagements over the years for participants from companies like Nestle, Bain, Deloitte,

Our leadership and talent development programs typically involve personal development programs which mix the soft side of leadership (360 degree self analysis, empathy, communication, vision, team management etc,) with the hard skills of management (how to develop a business case, strategic project execution, decision making, resource planning and prioritization etc.). We also provide specialized training and certification programs in subject matter areas such as Sales, Negotiation, Lean Six Sigma, Collaboration Engineering, Digital Collaboration/ThinkTank etc.

Here is a sample of the recent company specific training programs we have run:

  • Leadership Development Program (6 phases / 4 courses x 2 days in-class / 12 month)
  • Talent Development program (5 phases  / 3 courses x 2 days in-class / 12 months)
  • Digital Collaboration/ThinkTank Session Leader (2 days in-class or 2 day virtual)
  • Digital Collaboration/ThinkTank Instructor (4 days in-class)
  • Business Case Design  course (1 day in-class)
  • High Performance Teams course (1 day in-class)
  • Organizational scoping course (1 day in-class)
  • Lean Six Sigma program (4 courses)
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course(5 days in-class)
  • Lean Six Six Sigma Black Belt course  (2 x 5 days in-class)
  • Sales Management course ( 2 x 2 days in-class)
  • Sales Force Management course (2 days in-class)
  • Team Management course (2 days in-class)
  • Team Leadership/Activator (Educational design)


We also lead or participate as speakers in various industry and academic events such as symposiums, conference and similar. The include private and commercial engagements as well as academic organisations like e.g. GE, HP, IAA, TI, EU, Danish Industry, Borsen, Board Innovators, AVT Business School, Georgia Tech, Association of Dailies, International Publishing Conferences (see above video) and more.

Interview with conference leader Nils Randrup at Scandinavian Publishing Conference


To be a teacher does not mean simply to affirm that such a thing is so, or to deliver a lecture, etc. No, to be a teacher in the right sense is to be a learner. Instruction begins when you, the teacher, learn from the learner, put yourself in his place so that you may understand what he understands and the way he understands it. (Soren Kierkegaard)