Rockwave Group LLC is a boutique company with different groups of activities where the main services are consulting and educational services. Click here find out more about:

Who we are

Rockwave Group is a smaller privately held LLC company with specialized services within a number of business and professional services areas. Based on the core competences of our employees and those of our network of business partners, we primarily offer services within consulting and education, but are also engaged in Business Development activities and we do sell books and other products on the side.

The Group headquarter is placed in Laguna Beach California, in the southern outskirts of LA. However, we do business internationally with clients and business partners across the US as well as in European and African countries like Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France and South Africa.

The company is currently family owned and managed by CEO Nils Randrup and COO Annika Randrup.

Our Story

We and our partners have over the years worked for world renowned and best-practice companies in the western world, but got tired of working for a big organization with limited flexibility in terms of work life balance, as well as with a lot of red tape and internal politics. So in 2005 we started Rockwave group as a small boutique consulting and business development company based on a smaller staff but leveraging a large network of specialists and experts where many of them are friends and colleagues from other small or minor companies.  Because we do not have high overhead cost, a large fully employed staff, a huge expensive headquarter, or owners with a short term profit focus, we can through Rockwave provide our clients with top quality products and services but at a price point that is significantly lower than our competitors in the market. Which is why we can deliver high quality in product and service at a very reasonable price.

Rockwave is based out of Laguna Beach, California but we work for and with customers from all over Europe and USA

Who we have worked for

We have worked for and with many types of companies over the years. When possible we deal directly with our clients who need the services we offer but we have also regularly been used as sub-contractors providing manpower, projects and interim services when needed. Some of our clients do not want us to tell others that we have worked for them,  but here at least is a  list of some selected companies and organizations we have worked for or with over the years.